This page is "home" for the xGCCer's mailing list. You can get to the mailing its itself by clicking here and to the archive of previous postings here.

This page itself is for pictures other people have sent me related to GCC. If you have pictures you'd like me to post, send them to "szy-xgcc" at "". I will try to get them up in a timely manner; but understand that this isn't my top priority so it may take a bit.

My personal gallery of GCC photos are on my main Gallery page here.

  • Brochure1983 (8 photos)
    These are scans which Scott Griffith sent me of a 1983 recruitment brochure (thanks skod)
  • Canoe Trip '83 (10 photos)
    July 1983 Canoe Trip on Sudbury River Roland Janbergs, John Tylko, Dan Ludwig, George Wilson
  • Christmas1983 (15 photos)
    KevinO provided these pictures from the 1983 Christmas party. Thanks Kevin!
  • CurrentPhotos (11 photos)
    This is a collection of current pictures of people.
  • Florida '82 (10 photos)
    These are from our '82 trip to Florida
  • Miscellaneous (8 photos)
    Other random pictures.
  • RoguesGallery (2 photos)
    This album has high-resolution scans of pictures of the company's "Rogues Gallery".